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Social Wallpaper

A fast-paced thriller who-done-it with massive twists.

A summer back-packing adventure around the Greek Islands goes wrong for two young brothers, as they become embroiled in a bloody feud between rival bar owners.

When the violence escalates and one of the bar owners' deputies is killed, the terrified brothers only just manage to escape while vowing to keep their experiences a secret.

But the enormity of the Greek secret begins to effect their decisions in every aspect of life, and distracts them from an even greater threat, much closer to home...

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An intricately crafted & richly surreal story with incredible characters.

While searching for his missing memories in a dreamlike version of London, an old man discovers that he has an extraordinary, almost god-like power to help others.

As he gradually pieces his memory back together, he helps a childless couple to conceive and inadvertently provides a notorious seventeenth century terrorist with a new lease of life.

When the old man's memory is fully restored, be begins to realise who (and where) he really is, along with the life-changing consequences of what he has done.

Listen to the first chapter.

Read the first chapter.

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Further reading-

I have created Steve's Library to lend out the books I have written, for free, to anyone, anywhere in the world. Steve's Library is not-for-profit. I did this so that my work might have readers, and so that readers might have my work. Or at least borrow it!

On the 1st of each month, I will put a short piece of my new writing on the blog.

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I am doing this by myself, along with my wife Izzy.

We are based in a village near Salisbury, UK.

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PS. I am currently working on novel number three, Trapping Wasps.


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